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Mock classes for enterprise application testing

Welcome to the new Mockrunner joint.

This is an evolution of the original Mockrunner project founded by Alwin Ibba in 2003. Same source but now with a new home and a new shape.

We reorganized the project into a maven structure and are now deploying release versions to the maven central repository.

Mockrunner Modules

Mockrunner has been split into modules so that you don't have to pull all the dependencies if you only want to use one type of mock objects.

List of available modules:

Key References

The Mockrunner maven site here has detailed technical information about the project and it's modules. You'll find javadoc and usage examples too.

The Mockrunner project repository is here. Come in and be social.

Download Mockrunner?

No need to download mockrunner if you have a maven project. Just add a dependency you want to use, such as JMS in the example below:


Mockrunner releases include jar, sources, javadoc and tests for every module. See the lastest release on Maven Central.

Of course, if you must download the artifacts manually, you can do so directly from sonatype at

Suggestions and Bug reporting

Please use git issues on the mockrunner repository to report any issues, or ask for new features. Your suggestions and contributions are most welcome.

Authors and Contributors

In 2003, Alwin Ibba (@ibbaa) founded Mockrunner together with Jeremy Whitlock and Gábor Lipták. With web design contributions from Jeremy Whitlock and Nick Myers, they set up the project on sourceforge. Mockrunner became very popular registering a great deal of interest from the developer community and a fair amount of weekly downloads.

Bob McCune has written an excellent article on Mockrunner (apparently this link is dead).

But here is a similar(?) article by chrisadamson from Container-free Testing with Mockrunner Blog.

In 2013 Steiner Bang (@steinarb) brought the code to Github and Carlos Martins (@cemartins) reshaped it into a multi-module maven project. Carlos was later promoted to project lead and main developer.

Support or Contact

Check out the documentation at or contact and we’ll help you sort it out.